May 19th, 2018

On the evening of May 18th, 2018 I borrowed my mothers vehicle and headed north from Regina at 10:30pm. I arrived at my destination a couple of kilometers south of Humboldt SK. My intention was to capture an interval time-lapse of the northern night sky. I hoped that the aurora might play. I arrived at 1am or so. I stayed until 2:15am. While there I got some killer photos of the Milky Way. I left at 2:15am because sunrise was at 5am and I knew nautical twilight was soon. Of course there was a train obstructing my return to highway 5, so it took me a while to get out of there.

I started to see blue hour approaching as I headed east to my intended target, The Quill Lakes.  I had never been to the north side of grid 640. In recent years it has been barricaded due to flooding. This year was no exception. I parked the car at the barricades. Took my cameras, tripod and Matrice 210 on a walk down a very narrow channel of land that was covered with lake debris, birds and more.

I set up and started my time lapse. Blue hour was nearly over. I took some photos of the dark blue with stars with one camera and set the other on a Manfrotto tripod I bought myself for my birthday after May 2nd. It flew the Matrice 210 and got some aerial shots of the sunrise that would never have been possible on foot. The landbridge (grid 640) was disintegrated less than two hundred years south of my position.

As things are happening, a SKUNK waddled past me, thankfully it was well aware of my presence and wasn't angry, threatened or anything. It carried on its merry way thank goodness.

Another thought came to my mind, what if a bear or a pack of wolves or coyotes cut off my escape route to the north! I stood my ground in the +3C weather. The wind was kind though, It may have made it feel like 0C.

Eleven years ago, I married my wife Donna. Days prior to that, I created a time lapse of the sun rising over a sea of fog in Qu'Appelle valley, thirty-some kilometers north of Regina. Feeling nostalgia and loneliness I needed to survive the 19th. This was my strategy. My photo expedition was mostly successful. I will post photos later today